DiSalvo Super Strat

Solid Quilted Maple body

Two Seymour Duncan Stag Mags at Bridge and Neck

5-Way Switch w/Coil Tap Mini-Switch

All Gold Hardware

The Eddie G Custom

The Eddie G Custom Guitar

Happy Owner Of One Of A Kind

Ed Gerney

Sal 200

Hollow Body

Dark Cherry Metallic

Lollar P-90 Pickups

Great Sounding!

Super Custom Tele

Super Custom Tele
Super Custom Tele - Head
Super Custom Tele - Body

Quilted Maple top

Semi hollow

EMG S strat pickup at neck

EMG Tele bridge

Sperzel locking tuners

Bigsby Vibrato

Modified Starliner

Modified Starliner - Full
Modified Starliner - Head
Modified Starliner - Body

Quilted Maple Ten top

Jim Wagner Hand wound Humbuckers (The best)

Grover tuners

Gibson Vibrola

Bourbon Burst

Cocoa 300

Cocoa 300 - Full
Cocoa 300 - Head
Cocoa 300 - Body

Book matched Walnut Burl Top (Flames of Hell!)

Jim Wagner Hand-Wound Humbuckers (American Steel) my favs

Semi Hollow Archtop

Bigsby Vibrato

Grover tuners

The G Twang Master

The G Twang Master - Full
The G Twang Master - Head
The G Twang Master - Body

Gretsch Style

Hollow Body

Powder Blue Pearl

Gretsch Hilotron Pickups

Bigsby Vibrato

Grover Tuners

Pearl Binding



This is a very good friend of Frank’s, Brock Herndon, the proud owner of a DiSalvo custom guitar. Semi-Hollow, Tele-Style with all the tricks.

This is Doctor Bob Pick, a very good friend of Frank’s.Proud owner of a custom Starliner.

This guitar has a 2″ wide nutt.

Bob’s got long fingers.

 The Bird Of Prey  Electric 12 string
(6 string models available).

  Inspired by the Klingon warship.

  Equipped with Mini-Humbuckers.

  Cloaking device optional.

This is Frank with one of his favorite
Sunburst Arch-Top electrics.
This was made for his very good friend Jim Scott of Paradise California.

(See the Mocha Burst in Electric Models)

Pat Miller with his own left handed, Double Cut-Away, Les Paul style custom DiSalvo.Note the P90 Pick Ups and Flame Top

Pat is an excellent chef and he also loves to cook. ….on this guitar.

  For that .50 caliber bass sound…“The Marksman 300”

Rifle Bass made for
Wendell McGowan II

Not allowed in airports!

David Kenworthy
makes some magical music with his

Mick-E Mouse
handcrafted DiSalvo guitar.
Richard Uhlman and his custom Starliner, featuring a stylized monogram inlay at the first fret: “RU”Note the smile on Richard’s face.
…I think he likes it.

On the right: Annette.  She got to hold it before he did. Hot guitars and babes always go together.

…Neener, neener.

Wayne Charvel and Frank

…Yacking it up and telling lies to each other in Wayne’s shop.Exchanging technology secrets brought down from the heights of Mount Ararat found in the hidden ruins of Noah’s Ark.

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